Need Last Minute Hotel Deals?

Need Last Minute Hotel Deals? You Just Found It Here!!

Do you feel that?

Close your eyes…

Think about your vacation.

Can you SEE the sites? Can you TASTE the great food? Can you PICTURE all of the great memories you’ll be making?

Can you FEEL the stress literally melting away?

That’s what a vacation is SUPPOSED to do.

For a brief time, you forget all about work, the annoying neighbors and all of your worries.

You work hard all year long, you do a lot of things you really don’t want to do AND you make sacrifices.

You do this, so that for a short amount of time out of your year, you can RELAX.

Well, at least, that’s the goal, right?

So, where are you headed this year?

Paris? Las Vegas? Cancun?

If we’re being honest, it doesn’t much matter WHERE you are going on your vacation.

 All that matters, is that you are going on vacation.

So you got the time off, you got your credit card ready to book flights and you have your hotel reservations…right?

Okay, perhaps the first two are done, BUT hotel websites and reservations, now that’s a different story.

The problem with booking hotels is unless you get a personal recommendation, OR have the money to fork out for one of the higher end places, THIS can be a roll of the dice.

welcome to las vegas bannerNo pun intended if you’re heading to Vegas.

Seriously, it can be though.

In addition to this, you may be hit with fees from hotel websites OR find yourself booking through one of these sites, AND getting something completely different.

This can be a problem.

A VERY BIG problem.

So what do you do?

Well if you are like most then you will probably…

  • Spend hours and hours combing the internet, trying to match up dates to cheap hotel rooms
  • Spend more time online trying to find coupons or discounts or last minute hotel deals
  • Email friends and family trying to get information or recommendations on the best hotels in the world
  • Spend MORE time reading through Yelp reviews or similar review sites to find cheap hotels

And what USUALLY ends up happening?

Well, usually you get so tired and weary of all of this, that you end up just going with last minute hotels and crossing your fingers.

Sound familiar at all?

Now, there is ONE more thing you can do.

You can utilize a trusted source to help you find cheap hotel rooms.

A source that DOESN’T charge you any fees AND one that gets you rates that can potentially save you up to 80% off.

And yes, before you say it out loud “There are TONS of these hotel websites out there,” we’re not like the rest.

 It seems that every where you turn, a new hotel reservation site that “searches” all of the hotel websites online pops up on a frequent basis.

reservationbooth bannerWhich is why we are here.

We have been serving individuals like yourself for ten years.

Count them.

Ten, as in since 2006.

Yes, we have been around for quite some time which means that we know what we are doing, AND we know how to get you the discounts that you want AND need on your next hotel stay.

Why should you choose to book through us?

Glad you asked. Here are a few reasons:

  • Our website is 100% FREE
  • We don’t add on any fees or charges, so what you see IS what you get
  • All standard taxes have been added in so you get an ACCURATE cost…

Let’s stop there for just a second.

Don’t you hate doing comparison shopping THEN finding out that the taxes weren’t added in, so the costs you THOUGHT your were getting, and the savings you thought you were receiving just weren’t so?

Yeah, we won’t do that to you.

Okay, back to the reasons you SHOULD choose us:

  • We won’t ask you for any credit card information to use the site
  • We won’t ask you for any personal information (why should anyone have to do that JUST to do a search?)…

Sorry, we just need to talk about this last one a bit as well.

Why on earth should you have to enter your personal information JUST to do a search?

Have you ever used one of these kinds of sites in the past?

Perhaps you have and that’s why you are here.

Google, Yahoo and Bing don’t ask you for your email address, phone number and other personal information when you are doing searches, so why should you enter it when you are trying to search for a hotel?

See, those other so-called “best travel sites” that ask for that information WANT to keep selling to you.

That’s why they ask for your information.

We won’t.

We want to ensure you can find WHAT you want, WHEN you want and HOW you want.

If you want to share your email address, you are more than welcome to.

In fact, if you do we’ll reward you with more savings, and a list of hotels in the same area with more deals.

However, you don’t need to. It’s entirely up to you.

Now back to WHY you should choose us.

We’ve got one more for you, it’s a big one, so here goes:

  • We GUARANTEE you’ll find the cheapest hotel rooms you need

That’s REALLY the reason you are here and reading this, right?

You want to find THE best deal for THE best hotels in the world, without any other hidden costs, fees or having to hand over your personal information.

You just want to go on vacation, without any added stress or hassles, right?

We know.

That’s why we’re around.

That’s why we created this site.

For people like you.

We pull in information from thousands of travel sites, and give you access to over two million hotel deals around the globe.

 We know what we are doing, have been at it for a while and over 300 million visitors to our site every year confirms that.

In fact, we believe so much in the site we offer, that we will refund you the difference, should you book with us and find a cheaper rate elsewhere.

That’s a guarantee that you will hardly find anywhere else.

We work hard on our business to be THE best and stand by it.

If you book with us and find a cheaper rate, contact us and we’ll give you the difference.


It’s really easy to get started, in fact you could have that hotel room you need in just a matter of minutes, or steps.

Step #1: Enter Your Information

 Once you enter the information about dates and individuals, you will then be taken to your choices.

The results will then show what they feel you are looking for. Results found will be hotels for cities, airports, districts and even landmarks.

From there you can make your choice.

Step #2: Select Your Destination

 Once selected, you will be able to view choices of rooms by recommendations, stars, distance and price.

To give you an even better view of what you’ll be getting you can click the link below each hotel labeled “Compare Websites.”

This will give you the prices found at each website.

When you find one that you like and that fits your budget, you can then click “view deal.”

Step #3: Book Your Hotel

Once you have made your selection, you will then be taken to another page indicating other information on the hotel, such as other rooms that are available, should you want or need more accommodations.

From there all you will need to do is confirm the room, provide contact details and make your payment.

It honestly doesn’t get any easier than this.

In three easy steps you can check out and have your hotel booked and ready for you.

No more needing to search countless sites to find deals.

No more needing to spend time reading reviews and looking for recommendations.

And finally, no more time spent stressing about your vacation.

Once you take the time and off and book you flight, there really shouldn’t be much that you need to stress out about.

You are going on vacation to get away from the stress.

You really shouldn’t have to add any more on in trying to find a hotel room.

So, if you want to spend the time and search all of the different websites online you can.

In fact, feel free to.

You’ll just be adding more to your plate, HOWEVER if you want to get your hotel booked in the next few minutes in just a few steps, then just use the search function on this page.

We won’t ask you for any personal information and we won’t ask you to sign up for anything.

All we ask is that you stop worrying about where you’ll stay, and use this site to help you with that.


All that’s left after that is for you to PICTURE YOURSELF on vacation, think about all of the memories you will make and leave the stress of your daily life behind.

Close your eyes…Can you feel that?


Guarantee The Best Price For More Than 300 Million Users Every Year!